Monday Morning Motivation - Joy Can Only Be Given Away – Not Taken.

Happy Monday Morning All!

Hope you are well! Some of you have set goals that will take you completely out of your comfort zones, and that’s a good thing. I am cheering for you and expect that when destiny and determination shake hands in your lives, you will know that the effort was worth it!

I digress…Joy Can Only Be Given Away – Not Taken.

Have you ever been in a situation where you were extremely frustrated or disappointed by something someone said or did? Maybe their behavior or verbal interaction made you feel discouraged, sad or maybe even angry. People and relationships will always present to us opportunities to make choices in our lives. Some choices are no brainers and easy to make, while others are more difficult. Have you ever said or heard someone else say to another person, “You took my joy away!” This is a very loaded and powerful comment, because the idea of it gives the other person power over your state of mind. I have found that while being happy is conditional and can be defined as a feeling of showing pleasure or contentment,   having joy is a choice and can be defined as a sense of peace or well-being. Happiness is determined by a desired encounter or experience, much like our response after receiving flowers, watching a favorite sports team score or the pleasure of seeing a favorite actor winning an award. Joy, however, is a state of mind prompted by a decision we choose no matter what is happening around us. A person’s behavior can make you happy or sad, but that person doesn’t have the power to control your state of mind unless you give it to them.

Exercise: Is your joy safely in your possession, or have you given it away to someone else?

General answers to Industry Questions

Question: What is the best way to decide on an agent?

Answer: Research as much as you can. Find the ones who you are most interested in your child signing with. Find out what their requirements are. Some may want you to submit headshots and wait for them to reach out to you. You may be able to call and schedule meetings with others who are interested in meeting with you.

Note: is always an excellent source for FAQ.

Have a great week…on purpose!


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