Monday Morning Motivation - When To Hold On - When To Let Go

Happy first week of November!

When To Hold On - When To Let Go.

I have a fascination and affinity for nature, trees, flowers, clouds and the all-natural process of planting seeds and reaping a harvest. November is one of my favorite months because the trees are teaching some of the most beautiful lessons on when to hold on to leaves and when to let go of them. I believe that if we pay attention to the tree’s process, we can learn tremendous life lessons and discover how to apply them to our lives. An example of these lessons is, I have never seen a healthy and flourishing tree hold on to dead leaves.

Have you ever been connected to someone and felt drained, stuck or diminished in some way? Have you ever felt obligated to something but found that you were no longer growing? Have you ever committed to something prematurely? Have you ever wanted to run away from a dream because it was taking too long to achieve it? If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, you are not alone. I believe we have all felt this way at some point in our lives. When these experiences involved someone we cared about, something we’re used to doing or a behavior we want to continue to some degree, it can be hard to know what to do. However, now may be a good time to determine which leaves on your tree of purpose you need to hold on to - and which dying or dead leaves you need to let go of. Here are some statements that may help you make a decision.

Some dreams are worth the effort.
Dead things should be buried.
If it doesn’t make you better, it may not be the best for you.
Some people are worth waiting for or working with.
Some people need a second chance or forgiveness.
Anchors belong in the bottom of the sea - not in your life.
If you’re not growing, learning or advancing you may be standing still.
You may be in need of patience.

Note: Now that my book is out, you can find the answers to all of your questions in it. If you still have questions there are resources in the back of the book or go to for more assistance.

Have a great week…on purpose!


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