Monday Morning Motivation - Humanity

Happy Monday Morning All!


We are all a part of something magnificent in this world that is greater than our own nationalities, language, customs, cultures, belief systems and lifestyles. We are all a part of the human race because we were created by God and in His image. It doesn’t matter what corner of the world we originated from, where we were raised or how we perceive the world. We’re all connected. The human race has something in common that no other of God’s creation (flowers, animals, stars and rivers included) can deny. The way our bodies are formed, our brains function and our hearts receive and express emotion link us together.

The attacks that took place in Paris this weekend further confirm that there is still evil in the world. These vicious terrorist attacks upon innocent lives prove that the seeds of hate, violence and disregard for life have been planted and nurtured in the hearts of many. I’m sure we can all relate to seeds or thoughts of anger, hatred, violence, and disregard in our own lives. However, most of us (I hope) don’t water and nurture them to the point where we leave a trail of blood, broken hearts or devastation behind us.

I wonder what would happen if we allowed the FBI, counter-terrorism organizations, special forces and the like to effectively do their part to protect, investigate and prevent hate crimes while we did our part. Yes, we all have a part to play in making the world a better place. So I will just leave you with just a few thoughts. While the powers that be are doing their part, how about we:

Remember that respect for others goes a long way.
Disagree without spewing venom.
Stop verbally assassinating people on social media.
Voice our opinions and belief systems without perpetuating violence or abuse.
Address our own issues especially when we are tempted to crucify others.
Find something positive to say about someone we dislike.
Agree to disagree without making the other person an opponent.
Fight against injustice in ways that we are passionate about without revenge.
Love unconditionally even if we don’t agree or understand.
Find ways to promote peace while living in a diverse society.
Find a cause and support it non-violently.
Learn about other cultures instead of immediately dismissing them.
Do unto others what we would have them do unto us. Matt 7:12

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Have a great week…on purpose!