Monday Morning Motivation - Stepping Into the Last Month of the Year

Happy Monday Morning All!

Stepping Into the Last Month of the Year

Today marks the last day of November and tomorrow starts the last month of the year. This year went by so quickly, as if it was trying to prove a point. Even though the last 11 months seemed to fly by, we were still given the same 365 days that were presented to us last year. Now is a good time to assess whether we have been good stewards over our year or not. Are you ready for your “Goal Check-Up”? I’m sure we have all set some type of goals for ourselves at the beginning of the year. At this point, what we have or have not accomplished is an irrelevant issue at this point because we can’t go back and change anything. However, we can make the best of the next 31 days.

I still consider myself to be a newbie on social media (Twitter/IG) because I continue to double tap posts by mistake and I am not a good selfie taker. I occasionally find myself surfing the accounts of other people on Instagram. I enjoy looking at images, reading inspirational posts and watching funny videos. I often find that some people talk about what they’re going to accomplish, how it’s about to “get real,” or how it’s their year, month or week to have tremendous success. I applaud those statements because speaking life to a situation is powerful and motivating. However, when I see these types of posts, I tend to scroll up from the date that the person first made the statement to see what had manifested that was so epic.

Many times, there is no follow-up or epic moment to follow the post, only more declarations. As we all know, certain realities take time, patience and optimism. But when we talk more about what we are doing then actually pursuing the desired reality that we want, time will pass by so quickly and prove to be a reminder of what we didn’t accomplish. Most often, we have to talk less and do more. In other words, we have to put feet to our faith and do the work to make it happen, everyday. With that being said, how will you put feet to your faith and step into the last 31 days of the year?

Have a great week…on purpose!