Monday Morning Motivation - Friend or Foe?

Happy Monday Morning All!

Friend or Foe?

These days, we can go to anyone’s social media page and find motivational quotes for what friendship is. We can also find quotes that focus on what a foe or an enemy is. We can even discover advice on how to walk away from negative people, how to close the door when we outgrow a relationship or how to let people walk out of our lives when the friendship ends.  We talk a great deal about the type of people we want, need or require in our lives, but we rarely post or read statements about what we want or need to “be” as a friend.

We rarely stop to consider which “friend or foe” category we fit in. If we were to take a minute to consider if we are a real “friend or foe” to others, we would probably say without hesitation that we fall into the “real friend” category. However, which would other people say that we are to them, “friend or foe?” We all have haters and enemies, and all haters and enemies have haters and enemies.

However, if someone were to take a poll of the people and associates closest to you, if they were allowed to be completely honest, which would they say that you are to them, “friend or foe?” Would they say:

You are a friend to the end?
You volunteer to celebrate with others on a regular basis?
You label someone a friend based on what you can get from them?
Your friendships are disposable?
Your loyalty can be replaced by people who are more popular or relevant?
Your love is unconditional?
You are a good friend but you tend to be stingy, greedy or envious?
You make people better when they are around you?
You are toxic?
You are a rock?
You are irreplaceable?
If they didn’t love you, they wouldn’t like you very much?

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Have a great week…on purpose!



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