Monday Morning Motivation - Are You Ready For 2016?

Happy Monday Morning All!

Are You Ready For 2016?


This week marks the last week of 2015! Hopefully we have all accomplished everything we purposed to achieve this year. If not, we have 5 full days to do so. In most cases, for many of us, if we haven’t done it by now, the next few days will not make much of a difference. However, if you have accomplished some of your goals… congratulations! If not, are there any lessons learned this year that could have made for a better 2015? If that is the case:

 ·   What would you have done better?

·    What should you have implemented that you didn’t do this year?

·    Would you have eaten better?

·    Would you have exercised more often?

·    Would you have been less anxious and more patient?

·    Would you have surrendered to trying to control what was not in your control?

·   Would you have listened to your body more?

·   Would you have embraced using your gifts and talents without delay?

·   Would you have stopped devaluing or second-guessing your gifts and talents?

·  Would you have been nicer, sweeter, more loving or forgiving?

·  Would you have abandoned negativity or toxicity?

·  Would you have reached out or helped others more?

If that’s the case, you now have a starting point for 2016 as you purpose to reach your personal goals. Now is a great time to make a mental note of how you want to start 2016.

Note: Staring next year I will be posting my blogs on Tuesdays instead of Mondays.

Until then… Happy New Year!



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