Monday Morning Motivation - Welcome

Thank you for visiting my site! This is a very interesting time for me. I feel like I am coming out of a creative & electronic closet of sorts. I have spent the last 25 years focusing on my marriage of 27 years, my three sons who are now (22, 18 &13), overseeing all of their acting careers, writing & publishing my first book, pursuing a music career, ministry, mentoring & life coaching. I was also fortunate to return to school to complete my business & psychology degrees.

I realized, overtime, that while accomplishing all of this, the way people conducted business, communicated & socialized had changed tremendously. When I wrote my first book over 18 years ago there were no social media outlets, unless you count fax machines, email, websites & call waiting. I obviously saw the evolution happening from a distance but I didn't really have to immerse myself in its day-to-day involvement because I was able to be affective without it. For that reason social media was more of a distraction than a necessity to me then.

Besides, I saw too many folks my age get sucked into (what I thought was) a voyeuristic, narcissistic, & time wasting tunnel, so I was not interested. As I began writing my second book I realized that social media & I would eventually have to co-exist to some degree. Several years ago, I surrendered to texting after my eldest son Tyler pretty much threatened to wrestle me to the ground if I didn't. Who knew? I loved it! Last year I got a twitter account. Yes, I said last year. When I started I had no idea what I was doing. I was “following,” “unfollowing” and deleting people without even realizing it (Ok, I still kinda do that. Don’t judge me). Several times I'd log into my youngest son Tylen’s account and retweet inappropriate tweets of random folks by mistake. After my middle son Tyrel noticed that I was “favoriting” mommy quotes and jokes from his account they all sat me down and conducted a “twitter-intervention,” then gave me a mini-twitter class of what not to touch. Whatever.

I said all that to say, welcome to my world of family, Love, laughter, insight, wisdom, lessons learned, spiritual growth, education, and balance. My prayer is that everyone who comes to visit and chats with me here will learn something to take back to their families. I hope to learn from your comments as well. When it's all said and done, I hope that we will all choose to treat life like a classroom, our families like a priority and fulfilling our purposes like our greatest passion!

Be Blessed,

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