Monday Morning Motivation - Praying For Others!

Monday Morning Motivations!

Good Monday All! I hope you and your families are well.

I hope your mini-sabbaticals went well, too. For some of you, your sabbaticals turned into what looks like a new way of winding down on a regular basis. Congratulations, you are worth it! Keep the comments coming…I am reading them!

For me, the mini-sabbatical was refreshing and routine altering because I did something I rarely do and followed up by doing something that I never do. On Monday when I got home, I switched my phone to vibrate for an hour and took a nap, on purpose. For those who know me well, I am sure they are shaking their heads right now saying, “Not possible, that woman doesn’t take naps!” But I say to you, there is a first time for everything because I did take a nap and the sun was still out. Just typing those words makes me feel like a rebel! Yes, I took a nap and when the vibrate alarm went off, I was shocked that I had actually gone to sleep. The other surprise was, I liked the quiet sound of the phone vibrating. Every year, I create a new ringtone that serves as my theme song for whatever my focus is for the entire year so that whenever the phone rings it reminds me of my annual focus. This year, it was a song that I wrote/performed/recorded several years ago. But the strangest thing was when the vibrate alarm went off I didn’t jump up or try to get up quickly. This time, I turned my head to acknowledge the alarm and turned it off. I then lay in bed for about ten minutes before I started getting up. I felt completely energized--so much so that I decided to leave my phone on vibrate for the rest of the evening. When my sons and husband found out, they pretended to be sarcastically in shock, covering their mouths with their hands and making aloof comments at each other while I was standing right in front of them like, “Oh, Mah, Gosh! Whaaaaaat!? Her phone is on vibrate!? Does she know!? Is she ok? We better tell her, she might miss a call and if that happens, oh Lawd!!” Whatever. My take away was for the entire day, I could feel pressure being released from my forehead as if I was always mentally expecting for my phone to ring. I felt so great and pressure-free that I did it every day this week and have decided to replace my annual song with vibrate mode indefinitely! 

I digress… 

I have been trying to be more deliberate about posting on twitter and IG for the sake of getting ready to push the book and my upcoming engagements. I am still learning how to navigate around this social media world and find a comfortable balance for myself for the sake of marketing, publicizing and posting inspirational messages. As I do, I like to read other people’s posts about certain topics, especially about what is happening around the world. We all process this information differently and some things affect us more than others. Nevertheless, I am sure we can all agree that we all know of a story that touches us more deeply than others or know someone who is going through something difficult or challenging.

Naturally, when I read some of these posts, the minister in me can’t help but notice the needs that others have. So as I scroll through I find myself praying for people and some of their situations. Much like I do when I drive by someone who is homeless on the street. I understand I can’t literally help all of them, but I can pray for all of them. I am convinced that prayer works and it doesn’t have to be some long, drawn out, boring, religious speech. A simple, “God bless him today,” will go a long way if one is sincere. I believe that God hears our hearts as we pray.

That being said, I have a question for you. When was the last time you prayed for someone? I’m sure many would say I pray for people all the time. Others may say I don’t literally get on my knees but I think about people and wish them well. Yet others might say, I pray in my own way but I don’t really know the right way to pray. Prayer is simply having a conversation with God. Much like you have conversations with people that you speak to every day. The way you purpose to speak to people you really want to speak to every day. How cool would it be if we all tried shifting our focus and deliberately prayed for someone or something specific this week? If praying is like having a conversation with God, we can talk to HIM about anything. We can talk to HIM when we go somewhere quiet, we can be in a group, while we are driving, sitting at our desk at work or while walking the dog.

There are different types of prayers. Sometimes I just want to say thank you to God. Sometimes I may find myself walking our dog after a long day and although I don’t really feel like doing it because I am tired, I say quietly, “God, thank you for my legs and I pray for those that don’t have any. I pray that they will discover the blessings all around them in spite of not having any legs.” Then, I just go about my business, pick up our dog’s poop and go home. That prayer didn’t cost me a considerable amount of my time and it helped me shift the focus off of not wanting to walk my dog and put it on gratitude and someone else. That may not seem like a big deal, but I also believe that while I am praying for others, someone, somewhere, is praying for me.

Exercise: For the rest of the week, consider finding something to deliberately pray about or someone to deliberately pray for. The person doesn’t need to know that you are praying. As long as you and God knows, that is good enough. No pressure, just a suggestion…your choice. Let me know how you are doing throughout the week and we will reconnect next Monday. Until then, I will start the prayer circle going.

“God, I thank you for another week. I thank you for all of my Monday Morning Motivators. I thank you for Allison who created this website, Tom who connected us and Jonathan who edits my blogs. I believe that brand new stress-free but fruitful doors will open for all of their talents. I pray for every person who reads this blog and decides to take on this exercise. May they come to know how much you love them. In Jesus name, Amen.”

Have a great week…on purpose!



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