Monday Morning Motivation - Memorial Day!

Monday Morning Motivations!

Good Monday All and Happy Memorial Day!

 I am excited to hear that your quest to find something to deliberately pray about or someone to deliberately pray for went well. I hope that you saw the benefit and got something positive out of it. I enjoy reading your comments and it seems that some of us have behaviors and experiences in common. Keep the comments coming…I am learning a few things from my MMMs!

 The exercise this week for me was fun. I am a prayer intercessor by passion anyway so I am always ready and willing to pray. Since I can remember, I have felt compelled to pray for people. I would be the little kid playing house and talking to my dolls while pouring imaginary tea into my plastic tea set, while at the same time praying for them to find new doll friends and a fun doll boyfriend. I’m sure my parents caught me praying for Tom and Jerry or Bugs Bunny from my favorite cartoons, or my dogs when they got sick. I just always believed that prayer worked and God heard me. This week, I found myself praying for people who probably didn’t remember me, like my two favorite Junior High School teachers, Ms. Williams (English Teacher) and Ms. Harris (Spanish teacher). They always wore cool clothes; beautiful smelling perfume and they were also good friends. Everyone at school thought they were cool. Ms. Williams was a well-dressed classy lady and I looked up to her because she was strong, confident, stern but sweet. I admired her. So much so that I wanted the last name Williams when I grew up because it sounded so dignified, strong and important to me. Who knew that I would actually marry a man with that very last name! Go figure! Anyway, I prayed for them this week and hoped that they knew the kind of impact they had on my life and so many other junior high school students. I wanted to thank them but had no idea where they were or how they were, so I asked God to bless them and their families.

I digress…

 Again, Happy Memorial Day! Today is the day to remember all military armed forces that served our country and paid the price with their lives. I also honor those who are still serving and those in the past that may have survived but have been removed from the headlines. I often think about those who have chosen this heroic and dangerous path. I wonder at times, if they knew when they decided to make the commitment what it would cost them, and if they would have done it anyway. When I was in Junior High, I remember that every year, the school’s Dean, Mr. Mancini, would take all of the honor roll students on a field trip to Washington, DC. Because I was an honor student, I got to go every year. Those memories are forever cemented in my mind. Every year, we would visit Arlington National Cemetery, and the memory that stands out above the rest for me was visiting the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The tomb is actually a huge headstone in a separate area in the cemetery that represents and honors all of the soldiers whose bodies were never identified. I witnessed an hourly traditional ceremony called the Changing of the Guard. It was one of the most remarkable things I had ever witnessed. In total silence, every hour, on the hour, a new soldier (completely dressed in uniform down to his white gloves) slowly takes 21 steps toward the current soldier and replaces him and stands at the tomb to guard it. You can hear the sound of the taps on his shoes as the new guard walks over to replace previous one. Once in place, the new soldier doesn’t move a muscle until he is replaced. That somber, official, dignified, yet deliberate moment will never leave me. If you ever get the opportunity to visit this cemetery, please do. I doubt you will ever see Memorial Day the same way again. So in honor of Memorial Day, how great would it be to learn something new about this federal holiday and pass is on to someone else? Most of us have smart phones so doing research is just a Google away.

Exercise: Research and learn something new this week about Memorial Day or about someone who has paid the price of freedom with their lives. Whatever you learn, pass the information on to someone in the next generation of your family. No pressure, just a suggestion…your choice. Let me know how you are doing throughout the week and we will reconnect next Monday. Until then, Happy Memorial Day!

I will start this exercise by sharing the link of the Arlington National Cemetery with you.

 Have a great week… on purpose!



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