Monday Morning Motivation - Mother's Day!

Monday Morning Motivations!

Good Monday All! I hope you lived on purpose this week! I love reading your comments on my site, via texts, emails, Instagram and tweets! Thank you for engaging with me! Keep ‘em coming.  

Ok, before we get started talking about this week’s exercise, let’s recap last week’s social diversity exercise. For the most part, I did well and met some very interesting people. One person in particular was a woman named Ann from Korea. She gave me a facial this week. It seemed that she was doing a social diversity exercise too because she was just as chatty as I was. We talked about family, lifestyles, our beliefs systems and food. She even suggested a restaurant to try out and I did. I loved it! On another day, however, I was standing in line at the grocery store when a man about my age walked up behind me. Of course, my first thought was to be socially diverse! When I turned around to look at him and say hello, he “seemed” to be a bit distant and unfriendly. So I pleasantly said hello, he politely smiled and nodded, then I turned back around. After making my purchase, I began to walk away but could hear him at the cash register, chatting, in another language, with the cashier. I thought, “Oops, he wasn’t unfriendly. He didn’t understand me.” Can you say, “prejudice”?

I digress…

Calling all Super-Women, Wonder-Women and especially the Mega-Multi-tasking-Moms! I have an announcement to make. For those who didn’t already realize it, Sunday is the coveted MOTHER’S DAY!

Holidays are a huge deal in my house, some much more than others - and surprises are a Williams family tradition! We totally commit! We have all become masters at doing the unexpected when each of us least expects it. The memories, videos, photos and jokes are priceless! Mother’s Day and my birthday, however, are big deals in my house because I tend to turn into a kid and make requests that I’d been planning to make all year long. Some people wait to see how their family decides to celebrate them. I am not one of those people. I usually have a part two to their celebration on stand by. Most of the time I find my self in tears, giggling like a toddler or yelling, “No Way!” for the first half hour after they have done their part! However, the moment would not be complete without my two cents thrown in.

I am one of those, “Hey, I got an idea, let’s do something we’ve never done before” kind of moms. So I actually get to do something adventurous, unusual or new, whether they like it or not. Most of the time they actually participate. However, by the end of the day, either one of my sons or my husband ends up looking at me like I’m crazy because I’ve tried to eat, climb, ride, out run, pet, swim into, catch, impersonate or rescue something or someone. Whenever I get those looks from them, I generally say something disregarding like, “So, I’m a great mom and it’s Mother’s Day!” I think that’s why they put up with my special requests - because they know that I am a great mom.

Great Mothers come is so many forms and accept this huge responsibility for many selfless reasons. It makes no difference if they are biological, adoptive, step, foster, spiritual, godmothers, grandmothers or one of those wonderful women who never had children of their own yet become like a mother to many others - and the list goes on. No matter the title or reason, the world would simply not function properly without mothers! The super-wonder-mega mother is always on duty. She is present, over-extending, resourceful, able, teaching, disciplining, feeding, holding, speaking, dreaming, caring, hoping, trying, tenacious, forever learning and forever loving. Although moms are not perfect, we are committed. I hope reading this reminds you of a mother figure in your life or someone you know to be this type of person. If that is the case, my Monday Morning Motivators are all ready for this week’s exercise. In honor of Mother’s Day, this one has two parts!

Part #1: Mother’s Week!
I have decided to rename the next seven days and call it Mother’s Week! See if you can find seven mothers to thank. If you have more than seven, go for it. If you have less than seven, you can thank them for something new every day. Find a mother to thank for an entire week. To whom and how you thank them is up to you. No pressure…your choice.

Part #2 A Mother’s Day Short!
Share a short story of how someone plays/played a mother role in your life. If you don’t know who to share it with, I would love to hear your stories throughout the week!  I will share mine now and look forward to hearing yours.

There are five women who have impacted my life greatly. Because of them, I am a better mother, wife, minister and person. I honor these five because they are all absent from this natural world but I am confident that I will see them again. My Mother’s Day Short is in memory of my mother Angela Upshur, Grandmother O’Neal McCormick, Grandmother Effie Upshur, Aunt Joyce Mack and mentor Pastor Brenda Davis! Thank you for leaving such an imprint on my life that you are all still helping others!

Happy Mother’s Day to you all!

Have a great week…on purpose!



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