Monday Morning Motivation - What Creature Best Describes Your Personality?

Good Monday All!

I hope you were able to research and pass on some information related to those who sacrificed their lives for our country. Some of you are putting a spin on the exercises and I enjoy reading your comments and look forward to reading more!

I took an interesting approach to last week's exercise in that I found myself mourning for the family members who were left behind. Right after posting the exercise, I had a conversation with my husband about it, and he reminded me that although we both have family members who served our country, they all returned home safely. So I began researching names of unsung heroes who were featured in the news in the past, hoping to find “Where are they now” follow-up stories. I actually found a few and was pleased to discover that most family members, although they were still grieving, found peace in knowing that their loved ones' lives were not in vain and had a bigger purpose than ever expected. My husband and I shared some of these stories with our sons, as we usually do and we found ourselves praying for them throughout the day. It was a wonderful day of reflection and gratitude.

I digress…

As I have mentioned often, I am a researcher by nature and have often said that “Google” is my best research companion. This week I was having a conversation with my sons about what to “Google” and what not to “Google.” They try to parent or supervise me on all things Internet or electronic because apparently, to them, “I can’t be trusted” or “I’m not doing it right.” They chastised me several times this week for just typing in random words as we were talking, then going straight to “Google images” to look at the cool pictures. They went so far as to yell, “Ma, no! You can’t keep doing that, you know what happened the last time you did that!” This was because a while back, I inadvertently typed in words relating to the topic of one of my grad school research paper topics and went straight to “Google images.” I was so horrified by what I saw that I threw my laptop off of my lap and it almost went crashing to the floor. I was traumatized by those visuals for months. They will, apparently, never let me off the hook for that one.

Anyway, this week we were talking about the types of animals/creatures that best represents our personalities. We tend to have this conversation every few years or so, and at times somebody’s animal changes because something in their personality or life experience has altered their perspectives - but everyone in the house knows that my animal will, never, change! I am an EAGLE! Some of them may select a bear, or a sea creature or a lion for all of their many great qualities. But by a unanimous vote, I am an eagle because it best represents my posture, my nature and personality. Eagles are high-flying visionaries, and set their sights on heights that they are willing to fly to in order to achieve. They are deliberate, aggressive, proactive and focused. They are not easily intimidated and can be furious when necessary. They are attentive nurturers and teachers, especially with regard to younger birds who are ready to learn how to fly. They don’t hang out with vultures or pigeons that eat dead things lying on the ground. They look back often to assess their growth, weaknesses and surroundings, and purpose to make adjustments where necessary. They hang out with other eagles but they are comfortable flying alone when necessary.  This is the creature that I believe best represents me. What would your answer be if I were to ask you that question? Because I am about to ask you that question!

Exercise: What animal/creature best represents you and why? Research and discover which animal/creature’s characteristics best describe your personality. Once you discover it, ask your family if they agree. If they don’t agree, ask them which animal best represents you and see if you agree with them. This exercise should turn into a fun family conversation. No pressure, just a suggestion…your choice. Looking forward to reading your answers when we reconnect next Monday. 

Have a great week… on purpose!