Monday Morning Motivation - Summertime!

Good Monday All!

I hope you had a good time honoring the father figures in your life. I read and heard some pretty amazing “daddy” stories this week. Some folks honored their mothers or brothers in the absence of their fathers, while others remembered and honored their dads in very special ways on social media or in person. I enjoy sharing stories with you all. Keep ‘em coming!

We had a day of surprises and fun exercises with my husband (my babies daddy) and family and we loved on my dad and others long distance. I hope all of the dads of the world felt the love as well!

I digress…It’s Summertime!
Welcome to the first week of Summer! June seems to be the poster month for celebrations! From graduations, to weddings, summer vacations, end of the school year, birthdays and the like, it is never difficult to find someone celebrating something in this month. June is one of my favorite months of the year for several reasons! Generally speaking it’s because it is my birth-month, but as a kid, June meant the end of another school year and the beginning of summer! I always felt a sense of relief and release in the month that confirmed that it was time to shed the jackets, sweaters and homework and pick up the double-dutch ropes, hand balls and fruit flavored hand-shaved ice cones from the Icy Man’s truck on the corner. Yes, I was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. I remember playing outside as a kid all morning, afternoon and evening until the streetlight came on (of course). After that, it was time to go in the house. I could hear my mother’s voice as I walked in the door saying, “Girl, you smell like the street!” Many days she was more correct than others because most of the time I was actually sitting or rolling around on the ground playing, or literally eating something off of the ground that fell out of my pocket or out of my mouth. Don’t worry I never got sick because I kissed it up to God before it went in my mouth (don’t tell me I was the only one who did that.)

Although this month seems to be moving very quickly there is still time for us to do something special to mark the beginning of summer. Some folks spend every moment possible at the beach. Many dust off their bikes and head for a trail or pull out their basketballs and head for the court. Several families kick off their first amusement park adventure of the summer. While others plan impromptu road trips or visit with friends or family they haven’t seen all year. We tend to plan some family time and disappear to recharge from our busy schedules of the first half of the year only to posture ourselves for our busy schedules of the second half of the year. We always seem to sneak an adventure or two in as well which are usually hilarious but always note or photo worthy. Whatever the activity, we all have one more full week of June to go before it is gone. You know where I’m headed with this right? Correct…to this month’s exercise.
Exercise: If you haven’t already done so, this week would be a good time to find a way to celebrate the beginning summer. How you do it and with whom you do it with is your decision. It can be as simple as a stroll in the park with someone you love, a quick open road trip for a day or a Barbecue with some of your most favorite people in the world.  Either way, there is no pressure…your choice. Looking forward to reading your answers during the week and I will reconnect with you next Monday.

Have a great week…on purpose!