Monday Morning Motivation-What are you eating?

Good Monday All!

I hope you had an interesting time extending unconditional love or respect to someone this week. Based on your responses, some of you learned patience and how to agree to disagree with others without having an argument or being condescending. We can all do better in this area, so I hope we can continue this exercise until we master it. Thank you again for sharing.

I digress… What are you eating?

Summertime is in full swing around our house these days. There is a lot of movement, not to mention adventures, flowers, visits, outdoor activities, laughter, loud discussions, brand new jokes, games, reasons to celebrate, travel and food! Like most families, we have some of our favorite moments and conversations around the dinner table, barbeque grill, picnic table, kitchen and the like. We love trying, discovering, testing and tasting different types of food. The food or travel channels are some of our favorite shows to watch while we’re cooking. We love talking back to the hosts of our favorite cooking shows even though they don’t know that we’re talking to them. Ina’s “Barefoot Contessa” is my favorite. Andrew Zimmern’s “Bizzare Foods” is my husband’s favorite. Guy Fieri’s “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” is Tylen’s favorite, and Tyrel and Tyler will watch whatever we’re watching. We actually try out some of the recipes and we haven’t missed or messed one up yet. The most popular one is Giada’s Baked Mashed Potatoes with Parmesan Cheese and Bread Crumbs! It is unbelievably good!

Even though Ina is my favorite and probably the most considerate hostess/cook on television, my people don’t see any resemblance between my cooking style and hers. I have favorite dishes and desserts that I make for everyone at the house and will always create them at their request. However, I am usually on some type of no sugar, low sodium, whole wheat, agave, flax seed or fake bacon diet - or a green powder drink kick. So, I will throw in some new type of healthy ingredient “to see if they can tell the difference,” just because I feel like it. They tell me all the time, “INA is a thoughtful cook. She is so considerate and makes extra special dishes and desserts for her friends and family and throws in something special just the way her people like it. You are nothing like Ina, you just say, I made it…eat it!” I usually just respond with a big, “Whatever,” and keep cooking. The cool thing is that everyone in my house can cook and has his own special dishes to make.

My husband does most of the cooking these days. He can make just about anything. Tylen is our breakfast dude, Tyrel is on deck for desserts and Tyler has recently been appointed to “The best chicken fryer in the house!” I had to pass the torch on to him after the last two Thanksgivings. You know the food is good if you find yourself standing in the kitchen, in one spot, by yourself, and while waiting for it to warm up, you are eating some of the cold chicken in the storage dish (don’t judge me). Lately, seafood has been my go to food. I love seafood. When I was an infant, I suffered from severe eczema and was allergic to just about everything.  Seafood was on the top of the list. As I got older, I outgrew just about everything, so shrimp, crabs, tuna, salmon, etc. are usually my go-to foods. OK, enough about my house and me. You know where I’m headed.

Exercise: What are you eating? Celebrate this week by making your favorite foods or eating some of your favorite dishes with some of your favorite people. I would love to hear what you are eating this week. Bon Appetit, and let’s reconnect next week.

Have a great week…on purpose!

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