Monday Morning Motivation - Back to School - Back to Work - Back to Life!

Good Monday All!

Hope you are well! Thank you for sharing your favorite colors and reasons for choosing them. I received a rainbow of responses and the stories behind them were precious. It is amazing how much our past, and our memories, have a way of affecting and impacting something as simple as our favorite colors. Thank you all for sharing and keep them coming. Speaking of sharing, I get countless emails/posts that are related to the entertainment industry and child actors. So I decided to add an “answer” section at the end of every blog from now on. Make sure you subscribe and see if your question is answered. Since this is my first time, I will be answering a few of the most popular questions. Feel free to tell other parents you know to check out my site and subscribe so that they can do the same.

I digress…Back to School - Back to Work - Back to Life!

As a child, the phrase “Back To School” was cruel. This was the time of year that I was least happy about because the last weeks of summer were fast approaching and the last holiday (Labor Day) was a glaring reminder that it was ushering in the start of the new school year in September (on the East Coast). I didn’t hate school. I just didn’t like it as much as I liked the leisure of summer. I remember feeling sorry for my cousins who lived in the Southern states because they always returned to school in August. I used to think, “What grown-up decided to punish the school kids by making them go back to school during summer vacation and during the hottest month of the year? That is so wrong!” I felt bad for them, but I was glad that I lived in New York, one of the Northern states, because I had a few more weeks of freedom before the next school year, even though it felt like the “back to school” reality was hovering over me like a cloud and reminding me, every day, that the clock was ticking!

As an adult, I enjoyed the “back to school” reality because I got to see why my parents seemed to be so pleasant and willing to take me school shopping. They knew that I was eventually going to be getting out of the house every day and I would be away all day. My mom was a homemaker, so she was at the house when I left for school and she was home when I came back. I loved it. But I’m sure she loved me leaving in the morning and returning in the afternoon more.

As an adult, the phrase “Back To Work” was something I looked forward to. I always worked from home once I got married. So, when my sons attended traditional school (before I started home schooling them), I had the same experience as my mom. I got a kick out of dropping them off at school because I could rush back home and get more office work done without any distractions. Getting back to work was therapeutic for me and I always felt more musically creative, refreshed as a writer and ready for productivity after the long summer.

During this time of year, I also looked forward to getting “Back To life” and the routine of helping the kids with homework, getting ready for fall, preparing for the holidays that were soon to come and discovering what the end of the year would bring. I am feeling that way now. Because my middle son Tyrel graduated high school last June, and I only have my baby boy, Tylen (Mr. Freshman in high school now) left who is home schooled this year…Thank God Almighty! For those that don’t know, home schooling, the right way, is…well…the most time-consuming process imaginable! I started about 12 years ago and because of that, I have a new level of respect, amazement and gratitude for teachers all around the world! I only had three kids at one time. How teachers handle a whole classroom of students is just remarkable to me. I hope there is a special place in heaven for them. I’m just saying!

Along with looking forward to getting back to life after the summer, I also have many other things to look forward to this fall and I can’t wait to share them with you all! I am beyond excited, but will have to follow through and finish the summer well first! In the mean time, this week’s exercise comes in the form of another question.

Exercise: Which are your looking forward to the most; your kids getting back to school, you getting back to work or getting back to life? You can respond here, on twitter or IG!

General Answers to Industry Questions

Answer#1: Regarding paying Talent Reps.
You should not have to come out of pocket to pay a talent rep. They work for you/your child and get paid a commission percentage after your child books a job that they secured for you/your child. Go to SAG/ to research reputable representation.

Answer# 2 Regarding Professional Head Shots/Photos
You should have the right to go to any photographer of your choice (unless you unfortunately signed a contract with a talent company stating otherwise). Do your research, and when you do, you should be able to pay the photographer directly so that you will know what you are paying for and why. SAG/ should be able to point you in the right direction with this as well.

Answer#3 Regarding Signing Contracts
It is not wise to sign a contract with any rep/company without having an entertainment lawyer review the contract for you and advise how to proceed. SAG/ is an actor’s union. It is a good website to do research.
Have a great week…on purpose!

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