Monday Morning Motivation - Personal Flaws

Good Monday All!

Hope you are well! I am pleased once again to discover that during this exercise, as well as the last, we have all learned some great lessons from our severed relationships. Since last week I’ve had even more conversations about this topic. The overall lesson to this discussion has been, no matter what we have learned, for whatever the reason, the relationships needed to come to an end. Bravo to you all for learning when and how to let go, walk away and move on!  

I digress…Personal Flaws.

As we learn to discover or realize whom we should (or should not) have in our lives, circle and environment, it is also important to discover why they were ever in our lives in the first place. This can be a sobering question to ask oneself but it is also a necessary question to know the answer to. Is it because we were magnets for negativity? Were we drama Kings/Queens? Were we pushovers and let other people have more control over our lives than we did? Were we controlling or stubborn? Did we lower our standards and settle for something less than the best for ourselves? It is essential to check ourselves to determine what it is that we need to work on that may be creating negative outcomes in our relationships, workplaces or somewhere else in our lives. If we are honest, we can admit that all of the personal issues, struggles or circumstances in our lives are not someone else’s or always other person’s fault. We have to own the part that we play or the choices we made. This action takes maturity, growth and transparency. However, when we do this, it sets us free to make better choices in the future and holds us accountability to make personal changes for the sake of being better today than we were yesterday. With that being said, here are some of the personal flaws that tend to be general in nature and relevant to many people. See if any of them hit home for you.

Lack of discipline or focus.
Gossiping too much.
Holding grudges.
Fear of conquering a fear.
Accommodating ungrateful people.
Negative or pessimistic attitudes.
Justifying bad behavior or bad habits.
Blaming others for personal shortcomings.
Getting or being stuck in a rut.
Not willing to try something new.
No standards for yourself or for your life in general.
Wasting time on fruitless activities.
Trying to please or measure up to other people.
Not knowing how to make the necessary changes in your life.

If you can relate to some of these flaws that’s ok. We are all works in progress. Now that I have highlighted some of them, I have two questions for you.

Exercise: What personal flaw(s) do you need to address and correct? How are you going to work on correcting them? You can respond here, on twitter, or IG!

General Answers to Industry Questions

Question: How old should my child be when he gets an agent?
This is a personal question that can only be answered by you. There is no particular rule to follow regarding when a child should get an agent. It all depends on you, your child, your family dynamic, your schedule and your child’s desire and potential to book jobs. Some parents get agents right away for their child and some wait a while.

Note: is always an excellent source for FAQ.

Have a great week…on purpose!