Monday Morning Motivation-What is your Favorite Color and Why?

Good Monday All!

Hope you are well! Last week’s exercise presented many very interesting written works by an array of writers - from authors in the Bible to Toni Morrison, Dr. Martin Luther King, popular rap, gospel and R&B lyrics, the U.S Constitution, quotes from actors and words of insight from world changers. This exercise sparked some great conversations about what inspires and ignites us to be more, do more, learn more and teach others about our favorite writers or written works. As a result, I found myself thanking God for the gift of literary expression and the power of words while revisiting some of my other favorite writers and playing Nina Simone’s rendition of “Feeling Good,” and many other songs this week. Thank you all for sharing.

I digress…what is your favorite color and why?

As I am writing this blog, I am sitting in the living room with my husband after eating Sunday dinner with the family. The French doors are opened to the backyard as we are looking out at the beautiful flowers and greenery and feeling a cool breeze coming in from outside. I asked him, “What should I talk about this week?” He suggested, “What about summer blossoms? Look at how the flowers are blooming.” I immediately thought, “I already spoke about summer but the colors of the flowers are really beautiful.” I then thought about my favorite color. Although I love the pink, red, blue and yellow colors of nature, my favorite color – hands down - is and has always been, black.

I am attracted to the color black for two reasons: (1) Because it represents the many beautiful hues of my African (American) people and my cultural identity; and (2) Because it represents versatile fashion statements. Black can be classy, mysterious, professional or casual. Black can be used to dress up or dress down an outfit. Whether it’s black in the skin (no matter how young or how old we are) or on the skin, black is beautiful to me. When I wear black clothes, I feel like I am wearing an extension of myself. I have to confess that most of the clothes in my closet are black (related) but I purpose to throw more color into my outfits. However, every time I go to shop for something, my eyes seem to gravitate to the color black. Years ago I researched the biblical/historical references of certain colors. Although there are many negative references to the color black like dirt, famine and death, I chose to embrace the positive side of the color: power, strength, “In the black” (financially sound), Black Tie (Formal wear), and the like. Here are a few meanings of a few other colors.

Blue: Authority
White: Purity
Red: Blood
Purple: Royalty
Gold: Kingship
Silver: Redemption
Green: Growth
Grey: Dignity
Brown: Flesh
Pink: Healthy
Orange: Ripeness
Yellow: Cowardly

There are many reasons why people gravitate to certain colors. It could be because of a past experience, a special person, a type of food or a memory that involved a great colorful experience or the like. My earliest memory of being attracted to the color black was going ‘Back to School’ shopping at Buster Brown’s shoe store in my neighborhood in The Bronx, New York. My parents let me buy some of the coolest read, gray and black patent leather shoes for school. I could barely wait to try them on in the shoe store. There was something about how the red, black and gray colors looked together that was mesmerizing to me. However, the shine on the black patent leather part of the shoe seemed to call to me. They were so new, so shiny and so cool! Before I scuffed them up completely in school, they were my favorite shoes! So, I now ask you:

Exercise: What is your favorite color and why? Do you have history or an experience tied to a certain color? In honor of your favorite color, try to wear something every day this week that celebrates your favorite color or memory attached to it. What you wear each day could be as small or as large as you like. The choice is yours.

Have a great week…on purpose!

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