Monday Morning Motivation - A Brand New Season!

Happy Monday All!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Thank you for your responses regarding helping the wrong people. Many of you confessed that you had done this in the past but learn valuable lessons because of it. Some of you are currently helping the right people and are benefiting from those functional relationships! Keep helping and thanks for sharing. I have answered another industry question below.

I digress…A Brand New Season!

Welcome to the first week of fall 2015! I hope you are ready because the fall season is here. Did you accomplish everything you said you would over the last nine months? Were you distracted, sidetracked or discouraged? Or, did you have to delay, reset or adjust your plans or timelines? This week’s blog is all about asking yourself some important questions - questions only you really know the answers to. So let’s get right to it because fall is waiting for us!

Did you:

Send in that application?
Meet your weight loss goal?
Save for the down payment on that property?
Finish writing that song?
Sever that dysfunctional relationship?
Finish writing that business plan?
Meet your weight gain goal?
Take better care of yourself?
Strengthen your positive relationships?
Get in all of your doctors’ appointments?
Have those uncomfortable but necessary conversations?
Spend time with those who mattered?
Take time to celebrate yourself?
Apologize to that person you wronged?
Finish reading that book?
Honor those who deserved it?
Make that move in the best interests of your family?
Say good-bye to the relationship that was going nowhere?
Finish that writing project?
Get out of debt?
Stay consistent at the gym?
Obtain that license?
Learn patience?
Cut down on your spending to save more money?
Accept someone’s apology?
Laugh on purpose?

What have you accomplished in the last 9 months?

Did you let fear have the best of you or did faith prevail?
Did you overcome a major obstacle or did you give up?
Did you let what others said about you infect you or did you use it to motivate you?
Did you do the hard thing or was it easier to do nothing?
Did you plant productive or personal seeds in your life or are there weeds everywhere?

Most often, we have more control over our lives than we give ourselves credit for. At some point, we have to see things as they really are before we can move forward, keep going or take a detour. The reality is, TIME will always do its job and keep ticking, whether we are doing what we need to do or not. The goal is not to waste time by wasting time because we will never get it back. With that being said, I have a few more questions for you.

Exercise: As fall begins in two days, can you sign your name, as a stamp of approval or completion to the end of one season in your life and the start of a brand new one? Can you say with confidence, “I am ready for this next season in my life because I have finished the last nine months well?”


I will be making a special announcement, this Wednesday, September 23, 2015, the first day of fall! I am so excited! Stay tuned!

My general answers to Industry Questions from others

Question: My child has been auditioning for a long time and hasn’t booked anything yet. How long does it usually take for a child to book a commercial?

Some kids book a job on their first audition. For other kids, it literally takes years before they book something, while others never do. It all depends on timing, talent, the right audition, a special quality that the child has, what happens in the casting room and the like. There is no magic, special or general number for every child.

Note: is always an excellent source for FAQ.

Have a great week…on purpose!