Monday Morning Motivation - What is your personal theme song?

Happy Monday All!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Good to know that many of you were able to sign your name to the accomplishments of the last nine months. Some of you shared that you didn’t accomplish all that you set out to do but you did make some progress. Every step forward helps. Now the task is to continue to move forward planning to finish the year well. So let’s get going! An answer to another industry question is below.

I digress…What is your personal theme song? 

Music is powerful. Music is universal. Music speaks to us in ways that mere words sometimes can’t. Like many people, every season or every year I purpose to buy new songs to support artists and their new musical projects. When I do, there is always one song that stands out of all the rest. Usually, for me, it’s a gospel song that motivates or echoes the frame of mind that I want to focus on. This year my song was/is “This Place” by the amazing Tamela Mann! I Love this song! As I finished writing my book this year and spent so much time editing and making sure it was ready, I played “This Place” constantly as a reminder of where I had been in my life and where I was going. It continues to have a powerful effect on where I am presently standing in my life, creatively, professionally and spiritually. The entire song is special to me but the bridge of the song speaks to me and reminds me of the peace I feel when I am spending time alone in prayer.

There's a place in God where we can all be free

A place where God can get the best out of me

There's a secret place in God where He covers me

Oh I'm glad I'm living my life in this place

Oh I'm glad I'm living my life in this place

Exercise: So, what is your personal theme song this year? What are some of the lyrics of the song that stand out most for you and why?

 My general answers to Industry Questions from others

 Question: What is better for my kids to work on, union or non-union jobs?

I would imagine that some parents see advantages and disadvantages with both types of jobs. Although ideally, for many, working on union jobs gives your child who is working on television and movie products and sets a greater amount of “on the job” protection and security regarding codes, standards and regulations, along with many other benefits. For more information, click the sag/aftra link below then search “union vs. non-union” jobs.

Note: is always an excellent source for FAQ.

Have a great week…on purpose!



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