Monday Morning Motivation - Laughter Does A Heart Good Like Medicine!

Happy Labor Day All!

Hope you are well and celebrating American workers and their contributions to social advancements and achievements as you are taking advantage of this long three-day weekend! Thank you for your feedback regarding your personal flaws. The overall consensus is that many of us have learned, over time, to be accountable to ourselves for the mistakes we make and the flaws we have. We are all under construction to a degree, and although we are not perfect, we should not settle on that reality and decide to remain where we are. Thank you for your comments as we strive to be better today than we were yesterday.

I digress…Laughter does a heart good like medicine!

As we are taking advantage of this long weekend, I decided to use this time to pause and reflect. The last six months have been quite pressing for me because my schedule and my family’s schedule, have been productively full, involved and intense. These are all beneficial things, but this long weekend came right on time because I needed to stop and do absolutely nothing in order to slow my mind down. I’m a recovering perfectionist and a multi-tasker at heart, but I prefer to give my full attention to one project or task at a time if I can. However, while I’m working on four different things, my mind is usually juggling about six other projects, responsibilities or ideas. My sons make fun of me all the time because I am never not (I know…a double negative) working on some type of project. Be it school, ministry, outreach, mentorship, life coaching, self-improvement, cooking, setting up meetings, writing, editing, cleaning, rearranging, planning, COOing their business/personal worlds or the like, I am never just sitting in one spot wasting time. One evening, we were having family dinner and everyone started imitating me and some of the comments that I make to them when I’m in “work mode.” They tell me quite often that I have several different conversations with them at the same time, and will jump from one subject to another while they try to keep up. Then, they “say” I get mad at them if they don’t remember everything I said. In my own defense, I don’t ever remember that happening! However, they recalled a day when I was headed out to a meeting. They “said” I yelled something like, “Guys, I’ll be back in about three hours, don’t forget to, hey do you know who I saw yesterday, make sure you recycle the plastic, where are my keys, I’m going to pick up some fresh fruit to make my famous juice when I get back, found them, let me know if my package arrives, I’m also gonna stop by - oh shoot, I gotta get outta here, see you guys later…love you!”

Of course, at this point, the four of them are nodding and chuckling, but my dog and I are indifferent and are not finding the humor in their one-sided recollection. We are nonchalantly looking at each other as if to say, “I don’t get it.” Nevertheless, as I lie back in my hammock preparing to relax and slow my mind down, and rest from my six months of labor, I thought about the many reasons and ways my sons and husband make me laugh. We are goofballs and master storytellers behind closed doors, and will reenact, embellish or exaggerate a situation or experience and laugh for the rest of the night about it. As I thought about some of those moments, I found myself laughing hysterically thinking about our favorite family “You had to be there” jokes. I thought to myself, “I am so grateful for laughter!” Laughter for me is therapeutic and I have found that if I can find something about a situation to laugh at, even if it is a difficult one, everything will be fine. This is something that I inherited from my parents growing up. There was always laughter, music, good food, loud conversations and jokes in my home. Even hours before I watched my mom take her last breath, she was joking with me. I thrive on the sound of laughter because it reminds me that I have a reason to smile! I’m sure that I am not the only person who feels this way.

Exercise: When was the last time you had a potent dose of heart medicine? When was the last time you laughed out loud and didn’t hold back? Was it something you said or did? Was it something a family member did? Was it a television show, a movie, a YouTube video you watched or a story you heard?

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Have a great week…on purpose!

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