Thoughtful Tuesday-Bring Your A Game!

Thoughtful Tuesday!

Bring Your A Game!

I recently had a conversation with someone who was in a dry spell in her personal and professional life. She was doing all of the right things, but was in a place where there wasn’t much productivity, and she felt stuck or locked in her life. She was discouraged, a bit depressed and frustrated. However, she knew that she had to keep going in the direction of her dreams, because if she didn’t, she would be standing in one place. Despite all of what she was feeling, she kept moving forward because she felt she had no other choice.

I prayed with her and made a few suggestions. Then I mentioned to her that patience (even though no one likes it) builds our character. Even though she didn’t want to hear it, she understood me. I challenged her to wake up every day prepared to bring her “A Game” in every area of her life. She reluctantly took me up on the challenge, and over time, she actually started to enjoy being her best every day. The short version of the story is, she got a call that confirmed that her current situation was about to change - and she was blown away!

If you are in a place where you feel stuck, frustrated and discouraged, and you’re doing everything in your power to change this, I have a few realities that may help you posture yourself to “Bring Your A Game”…while you wait for your dreams to become a reality:

Know that sometimes you have to encourage yourself…often.
Push past your doubts and the voices in your head and keep moving forward.
Where you are right now is temporary… there is no need to find a parking space.
When you wake up feeling discouraged, get up, go in your closet and dress the way you would if your dreams were a reality.
When your current reality tries to convince you that you will be this way forever, speak your dream out of your mouth so you can hear it.
Only speak life to what you want to manifest.
Get yourself a theme song that will usher you into where you want to be, and play it every day!
Then decide, everyday…to Bring Your A Game!

James 1:4 “Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.”