Thoughtful Tuesday - “Don’t Get Ready – Be Ready!”

Thoughtful Tuesday

“Don’t Get Ready – Be Ready!”

We are already two months into 2016 and time does not seem to be slowing down for those who are procrastinating on their dreams, plans and purposes. I often hear people say that they are waiting for “God to open doors” for them, and when “HE” does, they are going to do or accomplish this and that.
I also hear people say that they are waiting for the right “time” to accomplish a goal because they are too busy doing “other things” to concentrate on the goal at the moment. Yet there are other people who procrastinate so much that when the so-called “moment in time” comes, they are not ready, willing or able to take advantage of it.
It is at this time that some people panic and express that they need “more time” to: lose weight, get fit, finish school, get trained, work on that relationship, finish that project, work on their personal flaws, get the right people together, get their finances in order, get out of debt, adjust their schedules and the like. For many, the door of opportunity opens, closes, then reopens for someone who has been occupying, preparing and posturing for the “right time” all along.
Because the road to “dreams deferred” and “purposes unfulfilled” is paved with good intentions, here are some of the reasons why people are not ready when the door of opportunity comes knocking:
They are waiting for someone else to make their dreams come true
They are not willing to walk alone
They are not willing to put in the work to get what they want
They talk too much about “what they’re going to do” instead of just doing it
They are motivated by money instead of how much of a difference they can make
They are impatient and tend to forfeit their purpose in exchange for instant gratification
They are afraid to fail
They are afraid to succeed
They worry/wonder too much about what others think
They are masters of making excuses
They don’t want to put in the work on a consistent and deliberate basis
They are time-wasters or are surrounded by time-wasters
They spend too much time focusing on or watching what other people are doing
They don’t have the right information, education or revelation on what they need to do in order to be ready
May we all learn the difference between “getting ready” and “being ready”!
Philippians 3:14 “I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus!

Have a great day on PURPOSE!