My Child is Going to be RICH & FAMOUS

How to Successfully Balance Family, Parenting and Entertainment

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I wrote My Child Is Going To Be Rich and Famous as a guide and a resource for parents. It is written for the benefit of the children who will be involved, inspired, affected, or infected by experiences in the entertainment industry. The insights I share in this book can be applied to all stages of a child’s creative development and discovery in the arts, and for all areas of entertainment, including sports, music, modeling and other creative endeavors. That being said, the focus of this book is on the commercial, print, theater, film and television worlds. I will be speaking to you from a mother’s perspective, not to discourage or impress you or your children, but to inform you and help you make better decisions.

Throughout the last 19 (at the time of writing this book) years in the entertainment industry with my sons, many parents have asked me countless questions about my experiences. This book will serve as a potent dose of reality (good, bad, crazy, funny, adventurous, exciting and sad) for some. An answer to prayers for those asking, “What do I do next?” For others, it will be a much needed resource guide and source of assistance. It will challenge still others to assess motives, ethics, integrity, parenting skills or styles as they proceed forward with their lives and the quest for “riches and fame.”

I will be talking to you as if the tables were turned and I wanted this information from you. It doesn’t matter what your child’s gift, goal or talent is; the information I am sharing is relevant and applicable. Be it sports, music, arts, science, technology, academics, stocks, baking, fashion, cosmetology, or the debate team - the advice is still palatable.
I will be addressing everything from casting, business, management and production to studio sets, including exclusive interviews with agents. Many parents have questions about managers, producers, studio teachers, Coogan (trust) Accounts, interacting with stage parents, child work permits, understanding work hours, education/school options, balancing family life and similar issues.

Instead of having a FAQ section in this book, I decided to share my answers to these questions via specific scenarios, personal examples, professional situations and industry feedback. Over the years, I have found that parents are most concerned about a handful of specific issues: proper parenting, marriage, pitfalls, success stories, failures, sibling issues, money matters, prayer, communication, leeches, sick kids on set, taxes, and extended family drama. I address them all.

My Child is Going to be Rich and Famous is meant to enlighten, teach and educate you. I am convinced that by the time you finish reading this book, you will have some of the necessary information and tools needed to make sound personal, financial, creative, emotional and parenting decisions for your child and your family regarding entertainment issues.  I invite you to break off the pieces of information that work best for you or that seem helpful to you, and use it as a guide for your specific situation. Welcome to my world as you navigate through yours!